The PLT is a Multi-Academy trust which supports primary and secondary schools in the South West of England.

At our heart is a passion to put Students First and deliver exceptional education, beyond outstanding for every single child.

We do this with a relentless drive for academic excellence, shared moral purpose and values, and lots of fun and happiness.

Happy schools are also high-achieving successful schools.

We strive for partnerships between students, parents, carers, staff and the wider community to create exceptional student outcomes.

And we also Cherish Staff, believe they are amazing, and are passionate to empower them through support, training and career opportunities.

With such brilliant people all aiming for the same goals, we are able to ensure every student achieves all that they are capable of and more, regardless of background or ability.

Neville Coles
Executive Principal

PCSA students attend Big Bang science event at Bristol University

31 July 2017

Priory Community School students attended a Big Bang science event at Bristol University with some of Britain’s biggest firms.

STEM ambassadors greeted the ambitious students and discussed their work including how they could visit and help out at Priory in the future.

BAE Systems, Hewlett Packard, SpecSavers and South West Nuclear Hub were some of the big-name firms to attend the event.

The ‘Fair’ consisted of University exhibits including research into alien life and spacecrafts while students were also encouraged to learn about the types of research that universities carry out.

Neville Coles, Executive Principal of The Priory Learning Trust which runs PCSA, said: “This was a brilliant event. We want to give students the very best in activities and experiences to help them choose high-flying careers. Maths and science are key areas.

“Students were able to work hands on with demonstrations such as making cells glow under microscopes or making bath bombs to take home, and even dismantling and rebuilding a computer.”

Former Priory Head Boy reaches national final

29 July 2017

Ex-Priory Head Boy student reaches final of national Technology, Design and Innovation (TDI) Challenge Will Bailey, who has just left Priory Community School where he was Head Boy, reached the final of the national Technology, Design and Innovation (TDI) Challenge at Yamakazi Mazak’s headquarters in Worcester.

He won through against hundreds of students from across the UK who had submitted either their GCSE, A-Level or BTEC Design and Technology Coursework Projects to be judged by a panel of experts drawn from Industry.

The competition, which has been running for over a decade, was organised by the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) to inspire future engineers into a career in manufacturing.

Will’s project titled ‘No Amp Speaker’ was very well received by the judging panel in the 14-16 age group. They acclaimed it for a “Unique retro design with good aesthetic qualities and finished to a high standard” and added “We were really pleased with the potential commercial viability of the project.”

The prestigious competition enables talented young people to showcase their work and helps them to understand the sophistication and dynamism of advanced manufacturing.

Neville Coles, Executive Principal of The Priory Learning Trust that runs PCSA said: “A big well done to Will. I was at the final and he did amazing. He has an excellent career ahead of him and is a fantastic ambassador for Priory.”

Hundreds turn out for Priory charity Family Fitness Day as world Olympic superstar turns up to join in the fun

12 June 2017

Families enjoyed a wide range of free sports activities at Priory Community School including dancing, gymnastics, athletics, and tennis. There was also free healthy food, a free giant bouncy castle, displays, physio appointments, a raffle, and free gym sessions at the Paula Radcliffe Centre along with cycling, rowing and ‘plank’ competitions.

James Cracknell OBE, who won two olympic gold medals in rowing, opened the event and then took part in many of the activities.

The Family Fitness Day was held to encourage families to get fit together and highlight what local clubs and sporting activities are available in the area.

The event raised hundreds of pounds for PCSA’s charity the Bone Cancer Trust.

Organiser Vanessa Mawford said: “This was an amazing event. James Cracknell’s appearance capped off a fantastic day.”

Worle student plans life-changing trip to help elephants in Bangkok

08 June 2017

Worle Community School student Megan Atkinson, aged 16, is fundraising for an elephant-helping expedition to Bangkok, Thailand next year.

Megan has had a life-long dream to save elephants and is now raising £2000 for the trip with WCSA cake sales, car washes and other events.

The sanctuary she will be based at helps to prevent extinction in elephants, moon bears, sun bears, primates and birds and rehabilitates them after they are abused.

With the support of WCSA and PCSA-based local young people non-profit group ‘The Weston Eagles’, she plans to host more events which will allow her to achieve her dream.

She said: “I can’t wait to travel to Thailand and help with some animals that have been hurt.”

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “Megan is an inspiring young lady and we are right behind her plans.”

If you would like to support Megan, please email Katie@WestonEagles.org.uk

WCSA students produce stunning choir performance to sell-out audience

TALENTED students at Worle Community School have produced a stunning performance in the Worle Youth Choir.



A sell-out packed crowd were treated to a spectacular production of Karl Jenkins’ The Armed man: A Mass For Peace, at Worle Community School.

Worle School Youth Choir and the Shine Drama Group joined Weston Choral and live orchestra Ensemble Inspirita.

This week the students were congratulated by Principal Jacqui Scott and enjoyed celebratory cake.

They produced a wonderful evening singing performance at the weekend at the school, with the audience showing their appreciation and many reduced to tears.

Based at Worle Community school, the choir is open to young singers in the area aged 13 and over and regularly sings abroad.

Miss Scott, who attended the event, said: “The students were absolutely magnificent! They produced a wonderful performances with energy, confidence and huge talent. We are very proud of them.”

PCSA football team carry off first prize in North Somerset football tournament

The talented Year 8 Priory Community School students won the North Somerset football tournament at Gordano school, beating Churchill 4 1 in the final.



Some 10 teams entered the tournament, which saw Priory beat Hans Price, Gordano and Broadoak in the pool games.

Head of Year 8 Simon Johns said: “Well done to our Year 8 football team. We are absolutely delighted at the result and all the boys played magnificently.”

PRIORY's first ever Head Teacher was back to visit his old school's new £2.5 million science centre which is being named after him

By Jack Branton, aged 12

Former World War Two bomber navigator Arthur Spencer got to see the state-of-the-art 16-room Spencer Science Centre which will open in September.



The new building means that PCSA students will enjoy 12 futuristic interactive new science labs, two ICT suites, a staff workroom and office all equipped with the latest technological learning kit.

Arthur, aged 95, was the first Head of Priory some 41 years ago. Before that in World War Two he was the navigator on board the famous Lancaster Bombers.

He was back to visit the site, talk to students and hear about the latest exciting developments.

Arthur said: “I have really enjoyed coming back to Priory again where I have so many happy memories. The new science centre is going to be impressive.”

Head of School Jane McBride said: “It was so pleasing to have Arthur Spencer back to visit his old school and the incredible new science centre which is being built and named after him.”

PCSA is Ofsted outstanding and one of Britain’s best schools.

Former Worle student high flying at one of world's best animation firms responsible for Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep

A FORMER Worle Community School student is now working for one of the world’s best animation companies.



Keith Kilpin designs games, apps and websites for Aardman Animations and received official credits for his work on the highly popular Shaun the Sheep film.After studying at Worle and then Weston College, Keith received a First Class foundation degree in graphic design before landing his dream role at the Bristol-based animations firm.Aardman have made nearly £1 billion worldwide and are responsible for a string of top animations including Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run and Flushed Away.

Keith, aged 26, said: “said: “From an early age I was doodling and creating new things. I started drawing as a hobby and never stopped.

“Working at Aardman Animations is a dream come true.”

ONE TEAM: Student Leaders from PCSA and WCSA pictured together during Non-Uniform Day for charity

Head boys and girls from two Weston schools join together to find and celebrate achievements of their 2500 students in new ‘Be a Hero’ campaign.


Please note that students are not wearing uniform because it was a charity non-uniform day.

Head boys and girls from two ambitious schools are working together to find and celebrate the achievements of 2500 students.Priory and Worle’s Head’s leadership teams want to let the entire community know how brilliant their students and schools are.

This week the Head Boys and Girls, and Deputy Head Boys and Girls, met together at the launch of the ‘Be a Hero’ campaign in partnership with Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. The campaign aims to find inspirational students and to tell the community about them.

PCSA is the first member of the new The Priory Learning Trust (The PLT) and it is now assisting at WCSA, bringing the sharing of ideas, resources and support together.

PCSA Head Boy Will Bailey said: “The Be a Hero campaign is a great way for us to find out all about our inspirational students and to tell the whole community about them.”

WCSA Head Girl Iona Kempton said: “Our students are doing incredible things inside and outside of school. There is a real excitement around our community about the future.”

PCSA Head of School Jane McBride said: “It was wonderful to bring both schools together with the students sharing ideas. The Be a Hero campaign is already going down extremely well.”

WCSA Head of School Jacqui Scott said: “These are exciting days ahead for all of us and it was a joy to see students already joined together helping and supporting each other with a common aim.”

Worle Community School student stars in New York Post for his singing and guitar playing

Emilio Santoro, aged 13, has starred in the world’s Media for his singing and guitar playing talent.

Year 9 student Emilio featured in the New York Post and Daily Mail after performing at the annual Porthcawl Elvis festival attended by hundreds.



He got into music aged only four and is now performing a wide range of Elvis Presley songs in pubs and bars across Somerset in front of hundred of people.He also is a very talented footballer, playing centre back for title winning teams North Somerset Development Centre and Milton Nomads, and featured in Worle’s Holland football tour last week.

Emilio said: “I enjoy singing and guitar playing and would love to be doing this as a career one day.”

WCSA Head of School Jacqui Scott said: “Emilio is obviously a fantastic talent and we are very proud of his achievements inside and outside of school.”

The Priory Learning Trust - Term 1

The Real Schools Guide 2016 names PCSA as one of the top 10 schools in the Bristol area

The Real Schools Guide 2016 has listed PCSA as one of the top 10 schools in the Bristol area.

Click here to read more.

Weston students to grow 'miracle outer-space super plants' without soil in first UK school hydroponics centre as part of their new £2.5 million science centre

08 June 2017

SCIENCE CENTRE: Executive Principal of The Priory Learning Trust, Neville Coles is pictured with the new Director of Science, Janet Criddle and students outside PCSA – home for their unique hydroponics facility in their new £2.5 science centre.

Weston students to grow ‘miracle outer-space super plants’ without soil in first UK school hydroponics centre as part of their new £2.5 million science centre

Some 1300 Weston students will get to enjoy a space-emulating unique super-plant-making-without-soil hydroponics centre as part of their £2.5 million new science centre.

PCSA students will have a new Spencer Science Centre complete with Britain’s first school futuristic hydroponics centre at its heart – enabling plants to be grown bigger and better without soil such as is used in space voyages.

The new centre will open in September with 12 futuristic interactive new science labs, two ICT suites, a staff workroom and office all equipped with the latest hi-tech learning kit.

The development comes as The Priory Learning Trust appointed a new Director of Science, Janet Criddle.

Executive Principal Neville Coles said: “This £2.5 million science centre will enable us to further deliver exceptional science lessons for thousands of students in the years to come.
“The icing on the cake is the hydroponic centre, which will give the students something not seen before in a UK school.”

Hydroponic systems remove soil from the plant growing, so plants grow bigger, healthier and reach maturity faster than their soil-grown counterparts.

By removing soil, plants do not work as hard to obtain nutrients, so the plant focuses more on growing upstairs instead of expanding the root system downstairs.”

The building is being named after former Head Teacher Arthur Spencer who is now 95. He was the first Head of Priory some 41 years ago. Before that in World War Two he was the navigator on board the famous Lancaster Bombers.

PCSA is Ofsted outstanding and one of Britain’s best schools.

DOZENS of 'heroes' from WCSA have been rewarded with leisure centre prizes, certificates and ice creams for their inspirational acts.

26 May 2017

DOZENS of ‘heroes’ from WCSA have been rewarded with leisure centre prizes, certificates and ice creams for their inspirational acts.

In sweltering heat, students at Worle Community School were commended by Principal Jacqui Scott and Executive Principal Neville Coles for their heroics.

The Priory Learning Trust are partnering with Hutton Moor Leisure Centre to give prizes for ‘heroes’ including family swim tickets, children’s basketball lessons, cycle workout classes, and other healthy activities.

Students have been demonstrating exceptional acts of kindness, courage, and other character and attitude traits. They have also been raising money for charity, and excelling in sport.

Jacqui said: “We are so proud of all our students. A massive well done to each and evhero1e. We love to celebrate achievement at WCSA.”

To nominate a student hero email editor@priorylearningtrust.org.uk

House prices are higher around PCSA and families are buying homes from outside the area in a bid to get into the school, according to estate agents.

10 April 2017

Priory Community School has become one of Britain’s best in recent years with exceptional GCSE results, OfSTED Outstanding, smaller class sizes in the upper years, brilliant facilities, sports, performing arts and music, and a host of other successes.

Now, according to the Weston Mercury this week, house prices are rising near outstanding schools such as Priory. Figures from the Department of Education show that living near a top secondary school in this area can swell house prices by as much as £16,100.

PCSA, with grades consistently in the top few per cent in Britain over the last 7 years, and with regularly 600 applications for its 240 places, has seen parents move home to get into the school.

Now The Priory Learning Trust is leading Worle School, and predicting hugely improved outcomes at WCSA this summer, meaning that both schools in North Worle will be attractive to potential parents.

WCSA, as part of The Priory Learning Trust, will also be run with the same tried and tested methods that made PCSA so high performing and successful.

OfSTED praised WCSA in December and saw it on a fast-track to become outstanding, just like its sister school.

One estate agent, Abbie Elkins of Palmer Snell Estate Agents, said: “With Priory a lot of people say they want to be near there, so that higher demand will naturally push up the price.

“A lot of people will come in and say they want to be in the Priory catchment area – probably more than any other thing. We get a lot of families moving from out of the area and say they want to be near Priory.”

Entrepreneurial PCSA students launch book publishing company

10 April 2017

Self-starting entrepreneurial students at Priory Community School have launched their own publishing Press to get out even more of their books to the world.

By Jack Branton, aged 12

Only months after they had their first book published that stormed to the top of the Amazon charts, they have now put in place Priory Press.The five Year 10 students, Oskaar Boyce, Lewis Westcott, Ella Minty, Jacob Robins and Lewis Jarvis are all months into the project.PCSA is an entrepreneurial school that allows and encourages students to come up with their own business, organisations and creations. Two years ago student Alex Crowther set up Weston Eagles, which is growing at a rapid pace with dozens of young people volunteering to make Weston a better place to live.

PCSA Principal Jane McBride, who was once a business leader, said: “Our students are brilliant and we enjoy seeing them come up with new organisations and businesses. Well done to all involved in our new Priory Press.”

Parents increasingly choosing Worle after exam boost, Ofsted comments and other positive changes

WORLE Community School is on course for excellent GCSE results, just weeks after being given a positive bill of health by OfSTED bosses and joining The Priory Learning Trust.



WCSA is now using the motivational praise and student tracking, smaller class sizes and other tried and tested rigorous exam preparation and teaching methods that have secured partner school PCSA as one of the highest performing around.

In December, OfSTED inspectors praised WCSA for its safe atmosphere and fast-improving environment for learning – prompting an increase in local parent interest in putting their children into the school.

Head of School at Worle Jacqui Scott said that GCSE results are in line to be excellent this year with also significant sporting and music success in recent weeks.

She added: “With OfSTED’s very positive comments in November and significant changes inside the school, things are moving ahead in a very, very positive direction.

“We were absolutely delighted to see 260 students and families choose WCSA for a September start. We have another 20 places still left that we can fill for September.

“We have received several recent requests after parents have seen the Academy changes – we became an Academy on March 1st”

“The Worle GCSE results are in line to be excellent this summer. We are really excited about the future and, clearly, WCSA will continue to be a strong community school.

“There is now a strong imperative to improve exam results quickly and many parents have clearly seen this as a very good thing. We now have Evening School and even Saturday School underway – just like our partner school at Priory.”

The Priory Learning Trust’s Executive Principal Neville Coles, who is an OFSTED inspector and a National Leader in Education, will be leading both schools, aided by excellent Heads of Schools Jane McBride at Priory and Jacqui Scott at Worle.

Neville said: “We are delighted to have such brilliant students and staff at both schools and are very excited about the future.”

Martin Kerslake, a former National Bursar of the Year and one of Britain’s best school business leaders, is the Chief Operating Officer for the new Trust.

In recent years PCSA has become one of Britain’s best schools, earning numerous accolades, and now has some of the best education processes and teachers in the UK. It is rated by OFSTED as ‘outstanding’.

STUDENTS will be the big winners after Worle joins with the award-winning PCSA within The Priory Learning Trust from 1st March in a bid to take both schools beyond outstanding.

The exciting partnership will mean both schools can get increased numbers of exceptional staff, bigger resources, smaller class sizes and even more outstanding buildings and facilities.



The Priory Learning Trust’s Executive Principal Neville Coles, who is an OFSTED inspector and a National Leader in Education, will be leading both schools, aided by excellent Heads of Schools Jane McBride at Priory and Jacqui Scott at Worle. Martin Kerslake, a former National Bursar of the Year and one of Britain’s best school business leaders, is the Chief Operating Officer for the new Trust.

In recent years PCSA has become one of Britain’s best schools, earning numerous accolades, and now has some of the best education processes and teachers in the UK. It is rated by OFSTED as ‘outstanding’.

Now both 11-16 schools will have ambitious plans to become beyond outstanding. It is likely they will also be joined in September by St Anne’s Primary School and Castle Batch Primary School.

The Chair of The PLT John Richardson said: “This is good news all around. Working together will mean even better education for all students. This is a really exciting time for students, parents and the community in Worle and North Worle.”

Neville Coles said: “We are passionate about taking all our schools to beyond outstanding in the years to come, and working together can help us to achieve this even faster. We will hope to provide smaller class sizes, more teachers and improved facilities at both Worle and Priory. Education in WSM is changing rapidly.

“We will now have a combined £16million + budget which will enable very quickly even smaller class sizes at both schools. This will lead to better exam outcomes for the students within WSM.

“Schools everywhere will be facing budget shortages in the future but we aim to stay ahead of the curve.

“For example, we hope to have 14 additional teaching members of staff joining in September adding to capacity through our Teaching School Alliance – this will add to staff – student ratios.

“Capital bids will soon be placed with the DfE at both schools under the new Trust arrangements.

“Already we are looking at bidding for a new sports hall at Worle and The Spencer Science Centre at Priory will open in September. Both will cost around £2.5 million. PCSA has an outstanding record in recent years of attracting successful capital money.“

The annual Open Evening at Priory will be in the summer term this year where Mr Coles will announce further ambitious plans for education within WSM. Worle’s Open Evening will be in early September.

A WOMAN who has worked setting up charities in poverty-stricken Malawi and Sri Lanka has become the latest exciting trainee on Priory's teaching school.

Sarah O’ Gorman is part of the Priory’s successful teacher-training school run by the The Priory Learning Trust.



Now training as an English teacher, she has got a long background behind her setting up a charity in Malawi, Africa – the third poorest country in the world – and helping young people and communities in other parts of the world including Sri Lanka.

She has been a trainer across the world in areas such as youth engagement, social action, HIV and AIDS, and child protection.
A graduate of University of London, she is now eager to be a full-time teacher and to release the creative energy, talent and enthusiasm of students.

She said: “I’m so excited to be part of the teaching school at Priory which is well known as one of the best in the country.”
In 2016 The PLT was awarded the prestigious National Teaching School status – a rare accolade after it fulfilled a wide range of criteria in training teachers and supporting other schools.

To become a teaching school, schools must be judged outstanding and have a proven track record of delivering exceptional teacher training and supporting other schools.

Worle student sets sight on refereeing world cup final

A WORLE Community School Student is aiming to be the first ever woman to referee a world cup final.



Year 10 Elana Titcombe, aged 15, is already refereeing games in the Woodspring League and has all her refereeing qualifications to set her up for a career in the profession.

She is outstanding in her GCSE PE work, is studying Science, and also now wants to take Sport Science in a bid to get all her qualifications to achieve her dreams.

She is also coaching Year 7 hockey in her spare time, and has just been giving the prestigious Sports Tie for her dedication to PE at Worle.

She said: “Women can be great referees. I love watching games and learning from the best. I get paid for it and have lots of fun while doing it.”

“I have signed up to the Football Futures Leaders programme and am excited to get on doing it.”

Head of School Jacqui Scott said: “We are so proud of Elana for all her achievements. She has a big career ahead of her.”

An entrepreneurial Worle student has raised an incredible £4000 in only nine months so he can help children living in poverty near India next summer

Year 9 student Josh Harper, aged 14, is joining five other WCSA students in a World Challenge expedition to Myanmar near India in July.



The trip will include helping villagers, school children and a community with building work, as well as helping in an elephant orphanage, and trekking around mountains.Incredibly, he has already raised the £4000 needed for the trip through organising a ball in Lympsham, a day out at Bath Races and other events.

His church Milton Baptist Church has also helped him out by allowing him to sell cakes and garden for members.

Now he aims to help the other five WCSA students to raise all of their money needed to go on the trip via fundraising and finding sponsors.

Josh, who aims to go to Cambridge, Bath or Edinburgh Universities before embarking on a career as an architect, said: “I am so excited to go on this expedition. My school and church have been really helpful and I was amazed to raise the money so soon.”

Meet Worle's own Deliciously Ella

A health conscious Worle Community School student has started her new role as Deputy Head Girl and is determined to spread her passion for health food.



Phoebe Kibble, aged 15, is a follower and advocate of world health food expert and author Ella Woodward – known as Deliciously Ella.Now she is determined to further boost the health of students which she said will have knock on effects on their energy, sport and GCSE studies.

Her passion has already seen her influence the health and eating habits of fellow students.

She also eager to a biochemist when she graduates.

Phoebe said: “I have never felt healthier. Since transforming my eating habits I have had more energy, suffered only one cold, and can eat as much as I want. It even helps me in my studies to have a clearer mind and be more focussed.”

Head of School Jacqui Scott, herself a follower of health food, said: “Phoebe has such enthusiasm for her health food and has already had an effect on other students lifestyle habits. Healthy lifestyle definitely has a positive effect on a child’s whole life.”

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Worle students to raise thousands in memory of former student

A WORLE school has been celebrating the life of its former student Mary Collard by planning to help a charity that has raised multiple thousands this year.


11 year old Worle Community School student Mary Collard died in 2012 from Bone Cancer, and now the current students will be helping to raise thousands for the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Incredibly, family and friends have helped raised an unbelievable amount of £300,000 for the charity in the last four years.
Now in a special assembly to talk about charity, Worle students began their year of charity work in her memory.
This week the school also gave out the new Mary Collard prize to Bella Styles.

Head of School Jacqui Scott said: “We want to keep the memory alive of Mary with the award and also this year by raising a record amount. She was by all accounts a wonderful girl, and this work will give hope to others across the world.”

EX Worle deputy head graduates from top university

31 July 2017

An ex Deputy Head Girl of Worle Community School has just graduated in Sociology from The University of Leicester.

Evie Kirkham left WCSA in 2012 after being deputy head girl in her final year.

Now she has graduated and is about to embark on a Masters Degree in Social Work at Birmingham University.

With hobbies including playing the flute, surfing, working out, gym and running, she is also aiming for a career in Social Work.

WCSA is a high-performing school that encourages students to be high-achievers in their chosen career.

Please get in touch if you know of other ex-students achieving great success across the world www.facebook.com/worlecommunityschool

A WORLD performing arts success who started out at Worle has returned back to inspire current students.

18 July 2017

Josh McTaggart has now set up The Bunker theatre and bar in London, after an incredible career starting as a student at Harvard University – one of the world’s best academic institutions.

He returned to his former school Worle Community School – 10 years to the day since he left. He now plans to come back for further sessions and to bring students back to his theatre.

He inspired current students including Joshua Clay, 14, and Rhianna Tester, 15, to be high achievers in their fields.

Josh said: “It is wonderful to be back. Worle Community School helped me to launch out and to go for my dreams.”

After leaving WCSA, Josh studied for 5 A Levels before attending a summer programme run by Eton School. He then received funding to study at Harvard.

He directed 12 plays at the University while studying history – one of the youngest ever directors.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “Josh really is an inspiration and it was wonderful to hear his story and for him to inspire our current students.”

Worle students producing world-class writing, with 194 being published in a new book.

30 June 2017

Students at Worle Community School are producing world-class writing, with a staggering 194 students selected to have their work published in a new book.

WORLD CLASS: (Left to right) World-class Worle writers Alice Parker, Madeline Breingan, Abigail Taylor, Alicia Gibson and Alyssa Townsend.

The year 7 and year 8 students won through out of 18,000 entries nationally to have their work published in the ‘Wonderland-Somerset Sagas’.

The competition was organised by Young Writers, a company dedicated to running national competitions for creative writing.

Head of English, Gemma Harris, said: “This is incredible success for the students. Well done to them all and we are so proud.”

WCSA is run by the exceptional The Priory Learning Trust which also runs PCSA.

PCSA student gets letter from America as she steps up fundraising with a sponsored swim - to be done by her beloved pet dog Marley!

Written by Jack Branton Aged 12 and Liam Byrne Aged 15

Makayla Nunn, aged 13, recently received a supportive letter sent from America via PCSA after winning a Heroes award at the school for her amazing work raising money for the volunteer-run charity ‘Invest in ME Research’.



Now the inspiring PCSA student has lined up her next charity fund raiser – getting her dog to swim on sitting in his boat for 20 minutes in a vet-approved sponsored swim.

Makayla, who suffers from M.E. has become one of Britain’s best fundraisers in her work raising money for the charity, and previously had done a sponsored horse walk.

This week she was interviewed by another inspirational PCSA student journalist Liam Byrne, aged 15 and pictured, who himself has had to cope with M.E.

Makayla, said: “I decided to fight the illness head on and want to keep raising money for the charity. My dog Marley is going to participate in a swimming contest and I’m so happy even he can help in the fundraising.”

HUNDREDS of happy children and their parents and carers will enjoy a free breakfast at Priory Community School this Saturday.

Families of Year 7 children will be welcomed by the high-achieving Academy Trust on Saturday, after receiving confirmation this week that they have successfully secured a place.



Fun entertainment including face-painting, stalls and giant Jenga will also be on offer alongside the free full English breakfast as students pay their first visit to the school.

Once again PCSA – part of The Priory Learning Trust – is oversubscribed with 360 first choice applications for 256 places.

The school intends to raise its admission number to 300 for 2018 entry.

Head of School Jane McBride said: “We are delighted to welcome all the students, parents and carers to wcsay a fun-packed morning with us and to meet staff. We are one big family and even our mascot Percy Priory will be dropping by!”

PCSA is Ofsted Outstanding and is one of the Britain’s top schools.

A WORLE Community School student has overcome his fear of water to win prestigious swimming events and is now aiming for the 2020 Olympics.

By Kieran Tasker, aged 14

George Cook, aged 13 has just achieved a range of accolades in the County Champtions at Milfield School.



He carried off 1st place in his age group for 100m butterfly, 2nd in the Junior age group for 100m butterfly, and 1st in the 200m Individual Medallion event.

The Year 9 student has been swimming since the age of 5 and is now aiming high to win the National Gold event before heading for Tokyo in 2020.

He said: “I was scared of the water for the first year but after that found it really fun and discovered butterfly when when I was 9 or 10, and then I beat my coach!”

Head of School Jacqui Scott said: “We are very proud of George and all his achievements.”

UP to 1000 students, parents, grandparents and carers were wowed by talented Priory performers this week.

The inspirational PCSA students were putting on a production of the Madness inspired musical, Our House in front of packed audiences.



Some 70 Priory students were performing with the lead role going to Year 11 student Jack Evison who is now raising thousands to get to a dream acting school place on a London stage.Priory has managed to inspire world-class performers over the last few years including Jacob Fisher and Corinne Priest who have both recently gone on to the West End.

IMG_8036Corrine was back this week to inspire the students with a pre and post performance talk.

Head of Performing Arts Jess Hall said: “This was one of the best productions I have ever been part of. The students were magnificent and I’m so proud of all of them.”

Executive Principal Neville Coles said: “This was a show of exceptional brilliance. West End stars Jake and Corinne are a terrific example of our excellent performing arts offering at Priory.”

DOZENS of student 'heroes' across Priory and Worle schools have been celebrated in an Oscar-style ceremony.

The students were the first to be honoured under the new ‘Be a Hero’ campaign at Priory Community School and Worle Community School.



The Priory Learning Trust initiative saw them rewarded with prizes sponsored by Hutton Moor Leisure Centre including family swim tickets, children’s basketball lessons, cycle workout classes, and other healthy activities.

Students from both schools had been demonstrating exceptional acts of kindness, courage, and other character and attitude traits.

PCSA Head of School Jane McBride said: “Well done to every single student. Praise is a powerful motivator and we aim to spend as much time as we can celebrating achievement.”

WCSA Head of School Jacqui Scott said: “We see so much positive behaviour and actions of students right across the school. This is a great way to ensure it is celebrated.”

To nominate a student hero email hero@pcsa.org.uk

One of Britain's best student charity fundraisers now to do challenging four-foot jump on her much-loved horse Tommy

A PCSA student who is one of Britain’s best fundraisers in her work raising money for an ME charity has completed a challenging four-foot jump on her horse Tommy to raise more funds.



The inspirational Makayla Nunn, aged 13, who has ME, came in the top three per cent of 532,124 fundraisers nationally and set herself a new challenge to raise funds for the charity ‘Invest in M.E’.So far this year with her other sponsored event in May she has raised a further £930.63 to add to last year’s £2,300.00.

Makayla said: “It will be 5 years in October that I have been ill, but this summer the hospital have said if I can manage and pace myself I can spend extra time with my horse Tommy. So because of this I wanted to challenge myself and Tommy to jump a 4ft jump.

“I’ve lost my friends because of M.E, I’ve had to cut my hours down at school, give up my dancing and sport. People say because this illness I’ve lost my childhood as I became ill at 8 years of age yet no one can give me answers as to why I got ill, or ‘will I get better’ because at the moment there are no answers. My hope is that Invest in M.E can give me these answers so that’s why I’m raising money for them.”

Neville Coles, Executive Principal at PCSA, said: “This is another inspirational achievement by Makayla. We are very proud of her and her charity fundraising work.”

Ambitious Weston school launches new world-wide search for inspiring former students for partnership links

AN ambitious Weston school has launched a new world-wide search for its inspiring former students.


As Worle Community School steps up its transformation, it has launched an expanded new alumni to gather a community of students from the past who can now inspire and encourage current students.

They want former students across the world to get in touch via Facebook, Twitter and email to start a big community to help current students to achieve all they dream of.

Since July, PCSA led by Head of School Jacqui Scott have driven large scale changes in the school including culture, staffing, buildings, and placing large colourful inspirational photos and quotes of inspirational world figures up on classrooms.

They are also placing great emphasis on reward and praise of students, and encouraging all staff to build excellent relationships with students.

The Ofsted-outstanding PCSA are implementing all of the techniques that have helped make that school one of Britain’s best over the last seven years.

Now Worle plans to become an Academy and to join The Priory Learning Trust led by Mr Coles.

Ms Scott said: “We want to hear from our former students who are doing amazing things, to celebrate their achievements, and also to inspire our current students also to do inspirational things.

“We want to find students all over the world and see what they are doing now.”

PCSA Success Day 2016